Doing Business in Bulgaria Guide

Doing business in Bulgaria Guide is developed by Penev LLP as a basic guide to the legal aspects of establishing and/or acquiring business in Bulgaria. It has been created to provide a comprehensive overview for those interested in doing business in Bulgaria when taking steps to invest in Bulgaria. In addition, attention is also paid to fields like intellectual property, energy, media and telecommunications which may be of interest for potential domestic and foreign investors. Yet the Guide does not cover the entire legislation.

To build a complete picture of the business environment in the country, the Guide provides information about the legal and political system in Bulgaria. Furthermore, the Guide is divided in sections that cover most of the legal areas an investor would consider when taking a decision to invest in the country: types of business structures, investment law, ways of financing a business, the tax system, employment matters, and others.

The discussion in each section is intended to give general guidance. The Guide does not purport to be exhaustive or to provide extensive analysis of the law or legal advice. Therefore, we suggest you seek advice from one of our lawyers prior to making specific investment decisions.

When you are starting or investing in a business in a foreign country, you need experienced advisors who can walk you through the whole process and help you avoid pitfalls along the way. Penev LLP is reputed for its premium quality legal services in virtually every field of the law. Our practice is primarily commercial in nature, with an emphasis on foreign investment and M&A, Corporate Restructuring, Real Estate and Renewable Energy, TMT, Labor Law, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. In the core of our high quality service lays a combination of legal expertise and business pragmatism. With almost twenty years of experience, Penev LLP has grown to become one of the key partners of foreign investors in Bulgaria.

The extended PDF version of Doing Business in Bulgaria includes: Country profile, Types of Companies, Investment Law, Competition Law, Financing Business in Bulgaria, Tax System, Employment in Bulgaria, Real Estate, Industrial & Intellectual Property, Energy and Mineral Resources, E-commerce, Privacy and Data Protection, Concessions & Public Procurement, Media and Telecoms, Environmental Law, Restructuring and Bankruptcy, Penev LLP Brief Profile.

November 2011