Memberships and Strategic Alliances

The Bulgarian Investment InformationNetwork.
We are also collaborating with most of the regulators in the energy, telecom, competition, etc. sectors, as well as with the legislator in drafting and enhancing new pieces of legislation to help the growth of the business environment in Bulgaria.

Strategic Alliance

We are well versed in working on a project basis with major law firms such as CliffordChance and Baker & McKenzie. Applying our unrivalled familiarity with the intricate legal issues,we advise foreign partners on regulatory issues within the Bulgarian jurisdiction in the areas of Real Estate, Telecoms, Energy, Banking and Finance. Our diverse team, affiliated lawyers and strategic alliances are fundamental to the satisfaction of our clients and our success. 


We contribute regularly to most of the world known law reviews such as Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, Global Competition Review, Corporate INTL – Dispute Resolution (Arbitration & Litigation Law) Guide and Getting the Deal Through Guide. We draft and contribute to Clifford Chance’s Employment Guide for Bulgaria.

Corporate Citizenship

We believe that a key element of our Long Term success is that we offer customers a better alternative for every deal. We still believe in our responsibility to positively impact the communities where we work and live.

We always strive to promote Corporate growth, common benefit and to combine innovative strategies, and sustainable solutions.

Our fundamental commitment to give the ‘right’ legal advice remainsun changed. Our attorneys are committed to providing personalized service and attention to every case. We are proud to offer our clients direct access to a professional 24 hours – a –day.

Message from our Managing Partner

We opened our doors in 1992 and since then our firm has consistently been ranked among the top law firms in Bulgaria. At the heart of our success is a team of experienced and internationally educated lawyers, who are recognized by local and international clients for keeping pace with corporate trends by combining high standards of performance in the delivery of legal advice and business pragmatism.

We believe that success in our business comes through consistent delivery of Quality and Responsiveness - two major principles that are inherent in our work in each and every legal assignment. As the firm’s Managing Partner, I will continue to uphold these core values that drive us forward and have enabled us to be a market leader over the last 20 years.

We are committed to maximizing the success of our clients and we work to achieve their business goals by delivering the highest quality of legal services and in-depth industry knowledge.
I highly value and would like to hereby thank all of our clients, partners and staff for their loyalty and commitment over the last two decades.

I am pleased to announce the launch of our newly updated web-site embodying the forward-thinking vision and commitment of our Firm and would urge you to explore the professional services that Penev LLP is ready to offer you.

I look forward to discussing your legal and business requirements.

Sergey Penev
Managing Partner

Core Values

Since its inception, PENEV LLP has been governed by its core values defining the character of the Firm and our approach to daily business and professional ethics.Our lawyers embrace the values to which we have remained committed throughout thet wenty years of our existence.We are on the forefront of the constantly evolving area of the EU law and we are committed to delivering the highest quality legal services for our clients. 

Under pinning ourfirm and our work is a set of values we strive towards:

QUALITY: Our cutting edge legal experience our passion for innovation and above all our integrity are the highlights of our daily performance. Our fundamental strategy is to be a seamless extension of our clients’ legal team.  

AVAILABILITY:Our availability and responsiveness helps us achieve our clients’ objectives and make their goals happen.

LOYALTY and CONFIDENTIALITY: We value our clients and maintain stable long term business relations that help us build a professionally and personally rewarding environment. We strictly adhere to confidentiality, discretion and privacy. 

CREATIVITY:We value creativity and innovative approachs. We apply our expertise and specialized knowledge to achieve workable solutions that meet clents’ needs.


Our Firm has developed a fully integrated business network in Bulgaria with three offices in the main regional business centers – Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna in order to provide a comprehensive service to our clients. Further, we have developed excellent co-operative arrangements with local firms in various other cities. Our partners enjoy excellent relations with their local administrations and know their way through the myriad of local rules and regulations.

Our practice is further supported by our Of Counsel based in London, United Kingdom, as well as an associated office in Geneva.

For contact details, please see the Contacts section.


We pride ourselves on being a fully integrated law firm with experienced, yet innovative- thinking lawyers.

Оur team consists of three highly experienced partners, each managing a small team of perfectly-trained, motivated professionals.

The firm is leaded by the Managing Partner Sergey Penev who has over 20 years of experience in the corporate business , representing international and domestic clients. Mr. Sergey Penevis a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C.

Penev LLP employs a diverse group of attorneys and staff from various educational, professional and cultural backgrounds. Our associates are fluent in most of the European languages, adding a significant value to the client-attorney relationship.


The roots of Penev LLP stretch back to the early 1990s. Founded in the capital, Sofia, by Mr. Sergey Penev, the Firm was previously known as Penev & Partners and prior to that, as Seplex Law Offices. The Firm has steadily grown to become one of a truly small group of Bulgarian law firms with a credible integrated network across Bulgaria and beyond, with offices in the two major cities (Sofia and Plovdiv) and international support based in London. For over 20 years in the market we have built trusted relationships with international clients (mostly European and North American), including global corporations, major investment and/or commercial banks and governmental institutions.  We collaborate with leading European and US law firms on a daily basis to best satisfy the demands of our clients. Penev LLP employs a diverse group of attorneys and staff from various educational, professional and cultural backgrounds.

Since its inception the Firm has been on top of the political developments that have fundamentally changed the business landscape in Bulgaria, with a particular emphasis on advising foreign investors on most major privatization deals. With the recent changes in the economic landscape both globally and on a national scale, Penev LLP focuses its practice on Corporate Restructuring to help clients innovate their business and meet new challenges.

Penev LLP was the pioneer in providing summarized reliable information on legislative changes through the legal profession’s first-ever free legal newsletter “The Seplex Legal Newsletter” launched on January 1, 1996. We still continue this service which has become a valuable tool for our clients in their day-to-day activities.

Currently our team consists of 10 lawyers at our Sofia office and 5 more at our Plovdiv and London offices.
Our team is fluent in most European languages, such as English, French, German, Russian and Spanish, adding a significant value to the client-attorney relationship. We also maintain a separate real estate office offering a complete range of real estate services to foreign investors, such as brokerage and property management.